Doshi's private beta is live!

Our private Beta is live! We believe in the power of our community, that's why we want you to build doshi with us!

How do we know that we are building something that our users will care about? We thought long and hard about this question.

We believe in the power of our community. That’s why we’re building doshi in public with you, staying close to the community and keeping it real. We want you to see the good, the bad and the ugly.

So we have something exciting to share — As of today, you can join the private beta of our family-friendly crypto wallet.

By applying to join our Private Beta, you’re joining a pretty exclusive and sort-of-secret 😉 group of founding members who will be rewarded with NFTs, airdrops and more! You won't want to miss this.

We want you to tell us what features are important to you, what needs improvement, and what you’d like to see next.

So what’s in it for you?

As a founding member, you will get access to private contests for crypto rewards and a limited edition of NFTs for our first doshi explorers. We will share more in our next communications.

✨About doshi

doshi is a crypto/NFT wallet that gives people under 18 access to their digital assets via their parents or legal guardians.

We are the first wallet that gives a new generation understanding, access and influence over their digital assets within a safe space.

We’re building doshi to be:

  • Family-friendly: We know that parents are often the gatekeepers when it comes to money. We’ve designed doshi with parents in mind, so they can be involved in their child’s crypto journey, from setting up crypto savings to web3 education.
  • Beginner-friendly: We want to make crypto easy to understand and without the use of complex financial jargon. Our goal is to help aspiring investors get started with cryptocurrencies in a fun and engaging way. Plus, we are creating a fun learning academy where you can learn about crypto and financial basics.
  • Safe and secure: We take security seriously and built doshi with industry-leading security practices. We also offer parents peace of mind with our comprehensive family features.

Why invite-only?

Although we’re a mighty team of 7 working at lightning speed to get doshi ready for Public Beta, we want to keep our private beta group small, so we can address feedback in real-time.

This allows us to iterate every single week. And you’ll be able to watch doshi change right before your eyes — all thanks to the feedback you provided.

That’s why we want to stay in the loop with you and build it together.

There are two parts to a feedback loop:

  1. Receiving feedback
  2. Addressing feedback

Receiving feedback

By joining our private Beta, we know that you really went the extra mile to help us and we could not be more grateful, we also want to get the best from this for you.

This leads to genuinely quality feedback and, ultimately, a better product for everyone.

Addressing feedback

Along with casual conversation in discord and update emails, we will share our product roadmap, new features & designs, educational games and of course our contest winners!

Celebrating & Rewarding Our Community

We want to foster a sense of family and celebrate our every day wins with you.

We also want to give back; that’s why we’re constantly rewarding you with FREE NFTs & tokens just for leveling up your crypto knowledge 👏🏻

If you are interested and you haven’t, join our discord to meet the team, share ideas and network with other like-minded explorers!

Thanks for helping us shape the future of doshi (and web3).

❤️ Team doshi

Coming soon to an app store near you!

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