Doshi Manifesto

Why do we care?

Doshi Manifesto

When we were teens, the internet opened a door to a whole new realm of information, communication and creative opportunities. Today, we are seeing a similar paradigm shift with the creation of blockchain, where ownership and personal responsibility is the new frontier. It is already transforming how we invest, collect, play and form digital communities, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

If web3 is going to fulfil its mission, we need to make sure that everyone has a place in it, regardless of their age. Yet the younger generation is being left out due to regulation and terrible UX. A world that will not support sub-18 years old in web3 is a world that follows a controlling web2 paradigm that society is rebelling against. We believe this won’t and cannot be the case.

That’s why we started Doshi. We are the first crypto wallet for teens that give them access and influence over their digital assets. We make this possible through onboarding parents alongside teens to make sense of the wild wild west of web3, and thrive on it.

Why do we care?

We think that being young is about exploring and taking educated risks. We wish someone would have taught us about investing when we were teens because learning how to invest when we were young would have given us a significant head start, and the difference between those who are smart with their money and those who are not is simply knowledge. And we believe that crypto, unlike traditional finance, is something that teens actually care about. According to a US study, 9% of teens claim to own crypto (although exchanges make it illegal for them to do so!)

What are we building?

Doshi is built for the rest of the teens, and curious learners who want to start their crypto journey but don’t know where to begin. It is confussion-free crypto for those that don’t get the constant flexing and senseless advice currently online. That’s why it will look and feel like something you are familiar with.

Doshi will be much more than just your standard wallet. We are creating a world-class learning experience and tools to explore other exciting web3 opportunities like gaming, collectables and creation.

Our promise

We believe that crypto should be accessible and clear. We create a space for teens to explore without fear of messing up or getting scammed. Most importantly, we will always listen to your feedback, and be there to answer any questions.

Let’s change how we learn, invest and play with crypto. Let’s Doshi together.

Dan & Jaco

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