Financial fitness
for everyone

A new generation is ready to save, borrow and invest, yet doesn't feel confident about their personal finances.

Doshi is the first learn-to-earn platform that makes financial education through gamified learning and competitions fun, easy and relevant. Built by leading game designers and financial experts, Doshi's mission is to serve people across all ages in becoming financially literate, independent and wealthy.

Our Value Proposition

Learn-to-Earn We offer 300+ bite-sized modules developed by industry experts. These modules are designed to introduce learners to the world of personal finance, saving, investing and web3.

Applied Learning We believe in learning by doing, and put our learners skills to the test through interactive quizzes, investment competitions or live trivia.

Learn together the Doshi community is an open community of curious explorers. Through our Discord, members can connect with each other and share their knowledge and experience.

The Team

Daniel Rose
Founder, CEO
Jaco Koenig
Founder, CTO
Daniel Truzman
Head of Digital Experience
Juan Giraldo
Learning Academy
Venkatesh Prasad
Product Development
Bharath Thangaraj
Product Development

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Doshi app is not an investment advisor. Customer reviews reflect real customers that were not paid. Success stories should not be viewed as expected results.Exchange services are provided through Paybis Ltd. Doshi App and Paybis Ltd are not affiliated and neither are responsible for the liabilities of the other. Investing in digital assets is highly speculative and volatile and Doshi App is only appropriate for investors who are willing to bear the risk of loss and experience sharp drawdowns. Doshi App does not provide brokerage services.