Trading Simulation
Competition for Schools

March 1st - March 29th 2022

Take part in a 4-week virtual trading competition where students create an investment portfolio and compete against Elite schools across the globe.

No Prior Experience Required
No Real Money Traded
Set-Up In Less Than 5 Minutes
Includes Accredited Certificate

Trading Simulation Features

Free Learning Resources

Schools receive a free onboarding session, tutorials and learning resources on everything from cryptocurrencies to how to make your first trade

Risk-Free Trading

Students can research, explore and construct a portfolio across +15 crypto and stocks. Trading happens in real-time. 

Real-time Leaderboards

Students are ranked on live leaderboards that display their rank in school and against other schools/

Certification & Awards

Successful Students that complete the Trading Competition receive an accredited certification in form of an NFT and participate in an Award ceremony hosted by Doshi

The all-in one Teacher Portal

Seamlessly create a classroom, onboard students, track progress, and access lesson plans & resources, all from a single dashboard.

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Prep students for their financial financial future

How this programme benefits teachers and students

Be part of the future of learning

     Ideal for investment clubs
    Supports Business Studies, Economics and Applied Maths
    Accompanied Lessons Plans with Activities

Give students a head start

    Future Proof careers in financial services and web3 
    Fosters critical digital and financial skills, including problem-solving and critical thinking
   Accredited Certifications

All these people are talking about us

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Let’s be part of the future.

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Frequently asked questions

What can and can’t my students do on Doshi?

Doshi allows students to get started right away and access the learning academy as well as receive NFT certificates. With parental consent, students can send crypto / NFTs as well as connect to Web3 applications. Pupils are not able to interact with other users on the app and they cannot transfer assets without parental consent.

Can students buy crypto & lose ‘real’ money?

Students are not buying real crypto in “school mode”.If students want to own crypto after the competition, they need to upgrade to a real account and have it sponsored by their parents.  

Can someone hack Doshi?

Doshi is non-custodial, which means that no central authority is controlling the private keys of its users. We use an advanced technology where private keys are split and stored away safely. This makes it impossible to hack the account and much safer and secure than storing crypto on centralised exchanges.

What data do we collect and how is it used?

We adhere to GDPR. We ask for the name, birthdate and email address of the students to verify that users are real and the platform safe to use. Users can delete their profiles from our database via the Doshi app. We collect data to ensure that our users comply with our Terms & Conditions. We do not use your data for third-parties. We also may aggregate data to track general user behaviour so we can improve the app experience.

Available on iOS and Android

Web3 for everyone,
regardless of their age.

Download doshi today and get initiated in the world of web3.

Doshi app is not an investment advisor. Customer reviews reflect real customers that were not paid. Success stories should not be viewed as expected results.Exchange services are provided through Paybis Ltd. Doshi App and Paybis Ltd are not affiliated and neither are responsible for the liabilities of the other. Investing in digital assets is highly speculative and volatile and Doshi App is only appropriate for investors who are willing to bear the risk of loss and experience sharp drawdowns. Doshi App does not provide brokerage services.