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Be the first to teach students aged 13+ about Blockchain and Web3 using our free boot-camp style course.

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Educational Pack Features

12 Well Curated Modules

From Blockchain to Bitcoin to Web3, the Academy teaches concepts necessary to take part in the Web3 economy

Verified Certification

Successful participants that complete our Doshi Academy will receive an accredited certificate recognised by industry leaders and Web3 employers.

The all-in one Teacher Portal

Seamlessly create a classroom, onboard students, track progress, and access lesson plans & resources, all from a single dashboard.

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It’s time to teach Web3 now

How this programme benefits teachers and students

Be part of the future of learning

    Free for Teachers
   Compatible with GCSE
     Key Stages 3&4 & A-Levels
    Accompanied Lessons Plans with Activities

Give students a head start

   Future Proof career
    Critical digital and financial skills
   Accredited Certifications

All these people are talking about us

Start making your own course with Free Doshi Materials for the class

Let’s be part of the future.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I buy tokens if I'm under 18

Exchanges make it difficult for people under 18 to buy tokens, but it's still possible. With Doshi, just follow the onboarding to get an adult sponsor and ask them to deposit tokens in your account at sign up. No previous knowledge necessary!

Can I sign up without an adult?

Yes, you can sign up and play around on our learning academy, get a test wallet, and even start earning real NFTs. However, you'll need an adult sponsor if you want to transfer your earnings and prizes out of your wallet.

Which tokens does Doshi support?

Safety goes first and foremost, so we only support vetted tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Matic and Solana. We will be responsibly supporting more tokens in the future. Have a favourite? Tell us!

Are there fees?

As an early member Doshi is entirely free to use. Exchanges might charge a fee to get tokens on your wallet, and there's sometimes gas fees to transfer things out. Learn more about this in our crypto academy!

Do I need to own digital assets to use Doshi?

You don't need to own anything to start an account with Doshi, create a wallet, earn prizes or learn in the academy.

Yes, that’s one of our favourite parts! You can generate your own real NFTs or transfer any other ones to your wallet. Stay tuned for curated collections from your favourite brands and influencers.

Available on iOS and Android

Web3 for everyone,
regardless of their age.

Download doshi today and get initiated in the world of web3.

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