1st Virtual Web3 Bootcamp

February 25th or April 4th 2022, 10am - 4pm GMT

Join us for 1 day to learn more about this disruptive, transformative technology that will change the way in which we work, today and in the future.

Hosted by Industry Experts
Beginners Welcome
Build your CV
Includes NFT Certificate 

What you’ll learn in just 6 hours:

What is crypto, blockchain and web3?

We take you on a journey why crypto was in the first place, how blockchain has powered new use cases, and what the future of the technology holds.

What are NFTs and how to launch your own NFT project!

We dive into NFTs by breaking down this game-changing technology, bring it to life with examples and even allow you to create your own NFT collection!

How get smart on cryptos and how to construct your first portfolio

We give the basics on how to construct your first crypto portfolio, and kickstart your journey with your first virtual trading competition

Awards & Certification

You’ll receive an accredited certification in the form of an NFT for completing the bootcamp. A surprise awaits if you come first on the day.

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It’s time to teach Web3 now

How this programme benefits teachers and students

Be part of the future of learning

      Free for Teachers
    Compatible with GCSE
    Key Stages 3&4 & A-Levels
    Accompanied Lessons Plans with Activities

Give students a head start

     Future Proof career
   Critical digital and financial skills
   Accredited Certifications

All these people are talking about us

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Frequently asked questions

Who can be part of this bootcamp?

We allow any one of any age to participate in the bootcamp. If you are a parent or guardian, you are more than welcome to take part!

Where is the bootcamp taking place?

The bootcamp is hosted online via the Doshi app and video conferencing link.

What do I need to bring to the bootcamp?

You need access to a laptop as well as a mobile device. We will share Google Link in advance of the meeting. You will need your phone download the Doshi app to complete quizzes and create NFTs

What can and can’t my students do on the Doshi app?

Doshi allows students to get started right away and access the learning academy as well as receive NFT certificates. With parental consent, students can send crypto / NFTs as well as connect to Web3 applications. Pupils are not able to interact with other users on the app and they cannot transfer assets without parental consent.

Can students buy crypto & lose ‘real’ money?

Students are not buying real crypto in “school mode”. If students want to own crypto after the competition, they need to upgrade to a real account and have it sponsored by their parents.

Can someone hack Doshi?

Doshi is non-custodial, which means that no central authority is controlling the private keys of its users. We use an advanced technology where private keys are split and stored away safely. This makes it impossible to hack the account and much safer and secure than storing crypto on centralised exchanges.

What data do we collect and how is it used?

We adhere to GDPR. We ask for the name, birthdate and email address of the students to verify that users are real and the platform safe to use. Users can delete their profiles from our database via the Doshi app. We collect data to ensure that our users comply with our Terms & Conditions. We do not use your data for third-parties. We also may aggregate data to track general user behaviour so we can improve the app experience.

Available on iOS and Android

Web3 for everyone,
regardless of their age.

Download doshi today and get initiated in the world of web3.

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